[vc_row 0=””][vc_column][vc_column_text 0=””]First welcome to the family!

We strive to be “weird” and by that I mean we want to treat you differently than you may be used to.
That means we’ll be following up with you regularly, loving on you and being here for you as you grow your business.

It will also mean we’ll be kicking butt and getting things done…

Hey, perfect lead in to why you’ve been invited to this page!

This is the start of the “on-boarding” process.
NOTE: If you get stuck, ask for help and you’ll get it (what a novel concept right?)

Here are the steps:

1) Receive, digitally sign and return the agreement (this will be emailed to you)

2) Grant us access to your Facebook ads account
(this procedure changes often, please reach out if you get stuck)

– Go to http://business.facebook.com
– Click on the “hamburger” in the top left of the page

– Click on “Business Settings”

– Click on “Partners”

– Click on the + Add button

– In the “partner Business ID” box, enter this number “905153659526590

– Click “Next”
– Assign a role – please choose “admin”

3) Grant access to your Facebook page (we’ll send a request that you’ll need to approve)

4) Email your email lists to us in .csv format – hello @ braveinfluence.com 
NOTE: For best results, send us separate lists as shown below 
List #1 = Buyers
List #2 = Subscribers
List #3 on up = any other lists you may have.

5) Send us any images you may have (a shared Dropbox folder works well and we’ll source images if you don’t have any)

6) Please visit https://braveinfluence.com/targeting-research and share your info.

This info will be used for cold audience research. We won’t need it right away if you have a larger email list, but it will be very helpful as we fine tune the message and wording we put in front of your ideal audience.

After you complete the that form, we’ll dig into what you’ve got, get all the moving parts working and get your first campaign created!

Please reach out if you get stuck or have questions.

Mike & Sheena