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We Help High-Impact Coaches and Experts Attract More Leads and Make More Sales

We're Locking Arms with Leaders Who Want to Change The World

You’ve decided to show up in this world with the courage to deliver a message that matters. It’s our job to make sure that message doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

The internet is a noisy place. Let’s elevate you and your message above that noise.

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Real testimonials, from real people like you


Mike is a genius! He helped me get my ads working and turning leads into new sales and clients. Immediate ROI!

Ali Walter

What I love is that it's not just Facebook ads and marketing...
It's people who truly care about helping you spread your message to the world, to help make sure your message is aligned with service.

The do a great job of attracting people who are a great fit for your tribe.

Alexi Panos

Nothing short of miraculous! Marketing from the heart, people who get it and want to make a difference in the world.
I'm able to be location independent thanks to the dedicated work of Mike and the team at Brave influence!

Preston Smiles
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